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MKBC Studio


Maia Gilman Architect


Photo Nov 05, 10 14 55 AM_edited.jpg

"I am an architect who loves to paint and to write. I work with acrylic and mixed media, on canvas, paper and wood. I spent many years sketching realistic spaces, in pen and ink, and now find freedom in the forms of abstract painting.


At times I listen to music while I paint, and the resulting image is an expression of my listening. Geometry forms the basis of much of the work although it is hidden in many layers of paint. The form of the music and the math are there if you look, and are there for you as the viewer to feel.


I often flow with Reiki when I paint, and those who are familiar with that healing art will recognize it in the work. Sound vibration, rose water and salt crystals also make their way into some of my mixed media pieces. Each of my creations is unique – and each is a playground for invention." - Maia Kumari Bree Chowdhury 

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